Snowdonia Wild Camping

Here are a few ideas for Wild camp/ two day routes in Snowdonia. The thing to think about is the weather, especially if you are out for 2 nights (consideration for the prevailing winds is important). You want it to be fun as well as an adventure- and hopefully they will (and you) want to do some more, rather than it being a schlep (?) never to be repeated again. So, here are, in no particular some ideas for 2 nights out in tents.

1. Beddgelert Loop

Drop kit and set up camp at Llyn Gwynant campsite on your way past on Friday afternoon. Then, drive onto Beddgelert and park your car there. Walk back to the campsite up the valley, enjoy a degree of civilisation before heading up into the Moelwyns. Dropping down on Sunday to pick up your car and have a snack at Caffi Gwynant

2. Rhinogs

Drive to Barmouth, park and walk North into the Rhinogs. You can choose how far North you walk but it’s quite nice to finish in Harlech and then catch the train back to your car in Barmouth.

3. Carneddau Loop

Park your car in the Ogwen Valley- if you are parking overnight then I would pay a couple of pounds to Bryn or Sue at Gwern Gof Uchaff (the second campsite you get to as you drive from Capel Curig) and keep your car at their campsite so that it’s more secure than on the roadside.

Walk up into the Carneddau and camp by Fynnon Loer. Then there is a bit of a scramble up (only just Grade 1) onto Pen yr Ole Wen and onto Carnedd Dafydd, then Carnedd Llwelyn and Foel Grach. Just north of the summit is a shelter (not pleasant overnight stay) and the easiest way to navigate is to keep heading north from Foel Grach and then head down the wide slope to the North to Llyn Dulyn. It is my strongest recommendation that you do not try and scramble down Craig y Dulyn- I did it once and it was a bit sketchy!

Once you get to Llyn Dulyn you have two options, you can camp again or stay at the Bothy which is next to the lake. Then head back via Llyn Cowlyd to the Ogwen valley to your car- make sure you stop at Capel Curig Cafe on the A5 just down from the Bryn Tyrch Inn. Yum.

I hope that inspires you to create your own appropriate adventure for the end of June- shame I can’t join you, I love these sorts of trips in the mountains 🙂