Ethos and Culture

Our Ethos and Culture as a company. These are the things that are important to us and make us at Hepworth Adventures tick. We hope you will experience these traits as you join one of our expeditions or are involved with us as a company. And if not- let us know so that we can make it better for you!

  • A spirit of adventure. The name is in the company and it’s important!
  • Safety. We consider the risks and make them as manageable as possible. We  actively encourage staff to report the near-misses or potential near misses as learning opportunities to make your time with us as safe as possible. We also want you to feel safe with us and the activities we do. But most importantly we have a very good safety record over the years.
  • Servant leadership. We will put the needs of those people who work for us and those people who come on our expeditions first. We also believe that this model will create a more fulfilling and caring world. You will see this in a number of ways but also in acts of kindness that are displayed by our staff.
  • A sense of community, this comes from time and investment and our understanding that humans work better in communities than as individuals. We also actively support local communities from the food we purchase on trips through to the ongoing connection we have with you.
  • An ability to nurture, both our staff who work with Hepworth Adventures and you, the clients who join us with our expeditions/ challenges/ DofE events.
  • Attention to detail. From the information you receive about courses through to the course itself. Detail matters and if we can make 1% difference to every element of information you receive or the logistics surrounding an expedition it will add up to a significant difference overall.

These traits are important to us and define us as a company. If we are not excelling in any of these areas we want to know about it so that we can address it- none of us are perfect but we like to think that we are rather good at these things because they are important to us.