Sea Cliff Camping

Sea cliff camping with Hepworth Adventures

How wild can you go? 

Come and join us for a night of sea cliff camping, spending the night on a portaledge attached to the rock above the sea.

It has to be said that this is not a challenge for the faint-hearted but what better way to see the sun set than from your own camping spot attached to the side of a cliff?

Location: Swanage, Dorset England or Holyhead, Anglesey North Wales
Cost: 1 or 2 £600 ( 1 portaledge)
for 3 or 4 people from £250 per person (sleeping on 2 portaledges)


You have a choice of Holyhead in North Wales or Swanage in Dorset. Both venues are close to mainline train stations and direct lines from London. Alternatively you could drive and meet us at the location.

The format for the two days

During the first day we will meet near to the cliff and set up our base camp.

We will show you how to ascend and descend a rope, there will also be an opportunity to climb some of the fabulous routes if you would like. We will show you how to move safely up and down the cliff and you will get used to moving on and off the ledge. Whilst you may well be nervous about abseiling, experience says that as you spend time doing this, even with the sea below, you will start to feel at ease in your new surroundings.

sea cliff camping

The Evening

We will help you make your new home on the portaledge and provide you will a hot delicious home cooked evening meal of your choice from “Cook” rounded off with hot chocolate.
What better way to see the sun set?

brew with a view


We will be on hand nearby to assist you should you need anything. Generally people sleep but let’s be honest, this is not the main reason why you chose this camping option. Looking up at the Milky Way or gazing at the shooting stars as you listen to the sea providing the best white noise below you is the reason you are here.


Having seen the sun rise from your bed we will provide you with fresh coffee or tea you will then want to head to the top and have and a delicious cooked breakfast. We will then pack up the site as we found it by around 0900. You then have the option of climbing some more routes or a leisurely walk along the cliff top.

What an amazing experience!


This is an experience not many people have had the privilege to try and you probably have many questions. The main ones are listed below:

What is a Portaledge?

It’s a very strong platform, designed for sleeping on and used by climbers when they want to sleep somewhere as they ascend a very high route.

Can you fall out of it?

No, you will be tied in at all times with a rope (even when you sleep) and considerable time is spent in the afternoon making sure you feel safe as you move around the ledge.

What kit do you need to bring?

You need to bring these items. We provide all the technical and safety equipment you need.

What if I need the loo?

Experience says that given your position you will probably hold it in! But, if necessary there is a public loo a short walk away from our base. Alternatively you could go for an extreme wild wee!

What if it rains?

We have a dedicated fly sheet (tent) that can surround the portaledge. But if the weather looks bad then we will re-arrange the event with you for another time.

Do I have to be good at climbing?

No, not at all, in fact you don’t even need to have been climbing before. We will take complete beginners on this experience. All you need is a sense of adventure and we will take care of the rest.