Relight the fire!

A “DofE style” expedition for adults.

Maybe you have recently dropped your children off on a DofE expedition and wanted to have a go. Perhaps you missed out on completing a DofE expedition and wonder what all the fuss is about! Or, maybe you just want to re-live the experience again as an adult. Whatever your motivator, we would love you to come and join us for a three-day expedition.

This is an event suitable for everyone aged 18-85. Our aim? To help you develop your skills, independence and confidence in the hills- and all while having fun.

Expedition outline

We will meet at lunchtime on day one and, during the afternoon, we will look at equipment, discuss options and plan a route. Depending on time, we might head out for a short walk from our base camp. You will stay on a campsite on night 1.
The next day, after breakfast, you will head out in your group of between 4 and 8, carrying all your equipment to be self-sufficient for 2 days. You will either wild-camp or use a basic camp site for the night before heading back (on a different route) to your finish location sometime after lunch.

As with DofE, the walking will be peer led. However, you will have an instructor per group to make sure you keep safe, develop your navigation skills and lead when necessary.


Hepworth Adventures provides all the food for the weekend. On Friday night you will have a choice of food to cook on a gas Trangia stove. A typical meal is something like fajitas or pasta and a sauce or chili and rice, followed by a pudding. Saturday breakfast is either a cooked or continental breakfast and you will head out with a packed lunch for the day. While on expedition, meals are lightweight high energy foods. If you have specific dietary requirements (we can cope with nearly everything) it would be useful to know before the expedition so we can make suitable arrangements for you. If you would like to control what you eat and bring your own food then that’s fine too, we just need to discuss what you are bringing beforehand.

Base camp food Hepworth Adventures


We will provide all the large-scale camping and expedition equipment you need: ruck sack, tent, stove, fuel, maps, compasses. You are welcome to bring your own items you already own them. When you book we will provide you with a detailed clothing and smaller equipment list of what you need to bring.

Dates and Location

1-3 April 2022 Lake District
3-5 June 2022 Snowdonia
2-4 September 2022 Dartmoor

Note: If you already have a group of 6 or more, we can create a bespoke trip for you with dates and venue specific to your group. Please email for more details.


£230 (inc VAT) per person


To join one of these expeditions, complete a booking form here. Please complete a separate booking per person attending.


What if it rains?
We will revise/ amend the routes with the weather forecast in our minds. You will have a full set of waterproofs and the rain will give a good opportunity to see how good they are!

I have a bad back/ leg/ hip/ foot, do I need to carry everything?
We will work with you on this one. You will need to be able to carry everything for the day to keep you safe in the hills (approximately 8-10kg). But we definitely do not want to aggravate any existing injuries you may have. We can work with you to keep the items you need to carry to a minimum. We would expect that your total rucksack weight for day two and three is about 12-14 Kg.

Do I need to share a tent?
No, you do not. However, it would be normal to share if you come with a partner and it is much warmer/ sociable to share. If you do not share a tent then you will have a slightly heavier rucksack than if you are with someone. Our default staring point is for people to share tents, x2 per tent.

I am worried that I am not fit enough…
You need to be able to comfortably walk for 5 to 6 hours to enjoy this expedition. If you are worried, please do speak to us beforehand.

What are the terms and conditions?
They are listed here on the website