Welsh 3000s

Location: Snowdonia North Wales
Distance: 42Km
Ascent 4000m
Cost: £150 (excludes accommodation)
Min group size: 4

One of the teams on the summit of Snowdon. Made it!


Jeremy first completed the Welsh 3000s in 1989 and it’s a trip he has come back to many times over the years, and because of the length, because it’s Snowdonia, because of the weather, and because people make the trip, it is always very different each time.

The challenge 

To Complete all 15 peaks over 3000′ in one trip. The route is about 42Km but more importantly you are likely to ascend over 4000m! The ambiguity over whether there are 14 or 15 peaks in the challenge lies with how you define a mountain. The 15th 3000′ peak “Garnedd Uchaf” or Carnedd Gwenllian (see here for more detail) lies along a ridge in the Carneddau range which you have to walk past. 

The challenge even has it’s own Wikipedia page and covers some detail about each mountain and the three mountain ranges involved in ascending all of the 3000s. 

To do the challenge in under 24 hours you need to be very fit and the weather needs to be on your side as well.The record is currently 4hrs 20mins. It is rare for people to be sub 18 hours and many take over 24 hours in the one push!

As a result we usually offer the 3000s over a weekend which means splitting the journey in the Ogwen Valley just over half way through the mountains. Please note it is still a full on weekend challenge. Day 1 will see you walking about 30Km and ascending 2700m.

This is the outline plan for the weekend. It can also be run during the week too and if you are interested in this option you should contact us.


Meet in Snowdonia in the evening to have a kit check and discussion about the weather, food stations and plan for the weekend.


0500 start out of Pen y Pass car park and ascend Snowdon range and Glyder range finishing on Tryfan

Overnight in the Ogwen valley

The famous Grade 1 traverse of Crib Goch


0700 Ascending the Carneddau range and finishing on Foel Fras descending to the car park and refreshments!

The end of a magic day on the Welsh 3000s


How fit do I need to be?

This is a tough challenge and a definite step up from either the Yorkshire 3 peaks or National 3 peaks challenge. We will walk the route, but walk with purpose because it’s a long way!

What do I need to carry?

You will need to carry clothing suitable for the conditions and also food and drink. It should all comfortably fit inside a 20 litre ruck sack.

Can We make this a 3 day Challenge?

Yes- of course. There is no reason why not. It also allows for variations if the weather is bad

Is it always South to North?

The official challenge starts on Snowdon and ends on Foel Fras. However, it is perfectly possible to walk this route from North to South, especially if we are planning to take 2 or 3 days over it.

Variations on the Welsh 3000s

  • The Welsh 3000s scrambles- fitting in a number of scrambles and easy climbs up all of the major mountain ranges to chain together a series of routes to cover all of the mountains.
  • Taking 3 or 4 days over the 3000s which means that you can actually enjoy the routes. The first time I completed the 3000s we walked from just outside Bedgellert to Conwy over 4 days carrying all our kit with us.
  • Bivi and be self-sufficient over the route whether it’s 2 days or more. There are some amazing places to camp on the way.
  • Walking the route North to South.